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Gary Dufek along with his wife Tracey, started the company in 1985 with their main focus being the service end of the business.  Her father was owner of Rogers Pools in Broad Ripple and he had worked for Faust Pools and for Dan Johnson and so begins the history…. The pool company was the perfect compliment to and a good supplement for  his full time career with the Carmel Fire Department.  His dedicated work ethic served him well as he began to venture from just providing service into building pools for a select number of preferred customers.  While in this phase of the business, G & D  managed to enter and thus receive a Silver award recognition for pool and spa design with the assistance of Hittle Landscape out of Westfield Indiana in an NSPI sponsored  national contest.  This was a huge accomplishment for us since we were such a small company.  As the years passed, very few customers wanting new pools concerned themselves with the cost of getting a quality installation and more often than not opted the lowest bid.

After much thought and careful consideration, Gary decided to take the company back to the basics that were there when he started the company and customer care and satisfaction became his priority.  He retired from the Fire Department after 36  years in 2010 and has embraced the pool company with a new sense of pride and respect and has enjoyed “reconnecting”  with his long term pool customers and is looking forward to forging relationships with the ones coming on board now.


Matt Dufek:  Gary’s second youngest brother.  Matt brings a new perspective of experience and professionalism to our team and we are so lucky to have him with us.  Matt was diagnosed with Stage 4, Esophogeal Cancer in June of 2013.  He currently spends his days riding along with the crew, numerous doctor appointments and volunteering at the Wheeler Mission.  

Curtis Parker: “Curty” joined our team in 2011 and has proven to be a great asset to us.  When Curty is not working with us, you can find him behind the bar at Flemings Steak House.  Our customers consider "Curty" to be the Water Whisperer!

Kristin Dufek:  Kristin is the oldest of Gary’s two daughters and is our irreplaceable office manager.   When she is not tending to her office duties at G & D, you will find her at Chicago Title.

Scott Plummer:  He is our newest kid on the block and open to doing anything asked of him which is part of the work ethic instilled through his dedication to the Zionsville Fire Department.

Lauren Frost:  Lauren is Gary’s youngest daughter and has actually been assisting Gary with pool stuff since she was old enough to see over the dashboard and always there to help dear ol’ dad out when needed in the field.  When she is not with Gary, you can find her as the Motorclothes Manager at IndyWest Harley Davidson.

Tracey Dufek: Has retired from G & D Pools but knows it is in great hands with Gary and her daughters.  She is now focusing on her career with Berkshire Hathaway where she is the Managing Director of the Inventory Property Division.

Alexis and Sydnie:  Right now they are our granddaughters and of course the poster children for (see picture on main page) but are also the future of G & D Pools, Inc!

As a closing note, there is something to be said for family run and operated businesses.  There is a pride that comes from deep within.  That sense of pride and respect is a requirement that we have set forth in order for us to continue on the same path we started in 1985 and at the end of the day, it is good to know we have done right by our customers who are the reason we are in business.


Phone: 317.844.2865
E-mail: gdpoolsservice@gmail.com
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